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The Mooring Chain25 Mooring Chain Rd. Monhegan, ME | Espresso Drinks, Tea, Drip Coffee, Retail Bags

The Barnacle | 30 Wharf Hill Rd. Monhegan, ME | Drip Coffee, Espresso Drinks, Retail Bags

The Island Inn 71 Wharf Hill Rd. Monhegan, ME | Drip Coffee, Tea

Monhegan Store 222 Monhegan Ave Monhegan, ME | Retail Bags, Tea 

Shining Sails Bed and Breakfast | Monhegan, ME | Drip Coffee

Hardy Boat Cruises | 132 State Rt 32 New Harbor, ME | Drip Coffee

Laurel's Dolce Vita | 350 Main St. Thomaston, ME | Drip Coffee, Tea, Retail Bags
Bittersweet Heritage Farm | 519 Port Clyde Rd. Port Clyde, ME | Retail Bags, Tea

S+P Foods | 67 Main St. Newcastle, ME | Drip Coffee, Retail Bags