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Our Story:

Mott has been a summer resident of Monhegan all his life and has wanted to move to Monhegan year-round since he can remember. When he met Carley while attending art school in Philadelphia he brought her up to the island for Thanksgiving in 2013 and she fell in love. Soon after graduating college they moved to Monhegan full-time in 2015. Carley became the Postmaster while Mott worked odd carpentry jobs, and became a helping hand at the power station over the next few years.



At this point, you might be asking yourself: where does coffee come in to the picture? 

Mott’s first cup of coffee was 18 years ago at the Barnacle Café. Over those 18 years, coffee has been a way of life. It helped him get through the long hours dedicated in earning his BFA in Woodworking, and is a vital part of the planning and scheduling phases every day in his custom built-in and furniture business. His relationship with coffee, the island, and problem solving helped foster the idea behind Monhegan Coffee Roasters. 

Carley also owns her own business doing upholstery and making wooden objects, working directly with clients and selling at several retail locations.  She’s been in love with coffee since the day she took her first sip off her dad's cappuccino, and remembers the first time she drank an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe like it was yesterday. Chasing that flavor, and developing her palette for specialty coffees has become a passion that has helped fuel the fire behind Monhegan Coffee Roasters.

After a trip to San Francisco where fresh roasted coffee in every neighborhood is the norm, they decided mail order coffee wasn't enough and started roasting at home. The stove-top popcorn popper only got them so far before local interest took off, and they soon out grew their hand cranked operation. With help from the Island Institute, Monhegan Brewing Company, The Barnacle Café, and La Nef chocolate, they were able to form Monhegan Coffee Roasters.