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DR Congo- Gorilla Blend

DR Congo- Gorilla Blend

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Dark Roast

Location: Democratic Republic of the Congo, Beni Territory, North Kivu

Process: Washed

Variety: Heirloom, Blue Mountain, Rumangabo

Tasting Notes:  Stone Fruit, Black Currant, Clove, Molasses

Producers: The Coopade cooperative is comprised of over 4,500 smallholders with an average of only 0.37 hectares of land each. Over 1,700 of them are women. The cooperative operates 16 mini washing stations throughout the Lubero area, bordering the Virunga National Park, with six of them run by women. The Coopade Cooperative is certified organic.

North Kivu, named for one of the African Great Lakes, has been establishing a foothold on the global specialty coffee map with stunning Arabica coffee cup profiles for the past decade. While the region suffers from ongoing conflicts, several stakeholders have come together to work towards peace, facilitated by economic and environmental regeneration, and fueled by the production of specialty coffee.